Hands-on Mathematics

interactive exhibition

"Hands-on Mathematics" consists of 19 exhibits where visitors can make about 30 interactive experiments and thus discover the laws of mathematics. The exhibition is ideal for children older than 9 years and for adults. Instructors present at the exhibition are ready to help visitors.


Museum entrance

Archeological Museum in Poznań Wodna 27 str., 61-781 Poznań

Opening hours

The exhibition will be held from 18 Oct to 22 Nov 2020.

October and November



The exhibition in Poznań consists of stands of the mobile exhibition Mathematik zum Anfassen from the museum in Giessen, Germany. Mathematik zum Anfassen has visited many places in the world, it is the second time in Poland and for the first time in Poznań. Mathematikum in Giessen was founded in 2002 by Albrecht Beutelspacher, professor of mathematics and an outstanding educator, popularizing mathematical ideas.

The name “museum” can be misleading – the audience does not watch exhibits passively, the visitors play and experiment with them.


Advance group or individual booking is recommended and can be made on the exhibition website since October. You can come to the exhibition without booking, but then it may happen that you have to wait – no more than 40 people can be at the exhibition at a time. Booking and tickets are free. Please take your (free) ticket at the museum entrance.


Małgorzata Bednarska-Bzdęga - mbed@amu.edu.pl


Honorary patronage

prof. UAM dr hab. Beata Mikołajczyk Vice-Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań

Organizers and partners